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aiMan meets OpenText Aviator on OpenText World 2023 in Las Vegas

by Jürgen Tebrün |
nov. 16, 2023 |
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Las Vegas was hosting the OpenText World 2023, where OpenText showcased the new Aviator AI product line, which will be released for the Documentum platform later in 2024. In the middle of the glittering buzz of this exciting event, aiMan, our AI-driven end-user assistant had the opportunity to introduce himself and catch the attention of customers and partners.
In this blog post, you’ll find out more about aiMan and how it takes the OpenText Smart View Client to a new level.

OpenText Aviator

The first step of bringing AI power to the Smart View client interface.

Documentum Smart View is a modern ECM client that features a user-friendly, tile-based interface that follows OpenText’s design principles. The current version focuses on standard tasks such as searching, viewing and document import. Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, fme’s aiMan extends the Smart View functionality to shorten search times for end users, relieve your helpdesk team and fostering greater user acceptance of your DMS.

The challenge

DMS installations often experience performance challenges over time. Besides affecting efficiency, they also cause users to waste valuable time searching for information. Users turn to the helpdesk team more often than necessary, which reduces DMS acceptance and compromises information transparency. The solution is not to invest more working hours, but to take a smarter approach.

The solution

aiMan Logo

With aiMan, fme brings an AI-driven end-user assistant to the content management world that provides real-time answers and integrates seamlessly with the Documentum Smart View application.

aiMan understands and answers verbally articulated search queries, assists users with workflow-related queries, can provide BI reports and offers user-friendly access to FAQs.


aiMan Screenshot 1

Picture 1: Query to aiMan

aiMan Screenshot 2  aiMan Screenshot 3

Pictures 2 + 3: Dialog with aiMan

The development of aiMan is based on a proprietary API service that contains the necessary logic to interact with the AI. Our AI, powered by Azure OpenAI GPT-4, has been trained using „few-shot-prompting“. Larger solutions will use „text embeddings” with Vector Databases and sophisticated prompting techniques. This means that aiMan is not only intelligent, but also adaptive!

Take a look at what aiMan already offers:

  • Conversational Search and FAQ access.
  • Conversational BI reports (planned)
  • Conversational Workflow information (planned)
  • Additional functionality can be designed according to your individual requirements

Benefits and results

Implementing aiMan in your DMS brings numerous benefits:

  • Reduce the workload of your DMS support team by using aiMan’s free-text dialogue. This allows your staff to concentrate on core tasks.
  • Increase user adoption of your DMS by reducing end-user search times. Satisfied users are engaged users!
  • Guaranteed information security: Because the Azure OpenAI service is a protected deployment of the model, your information remains inaccessible to third parties, ensuring high data security.
  • Always up to date – aiMan updates automatically and increases the value of your system for years to come.

Our offer

We want to ensure that the implementation of aiMan in your DMS is a complete success. Therefore we offer:

  • Requirements workshop for the collaborative definition of your requirements.
  • Preparation of the solution documentation and definition of the training content for the AI.
  • Seamless implementation of aiMan in your OpenText Smart View Client and setup of the local vector database for the AI.
  • Effective change management to ensure a smooth transition.
  • A Hypercare phase with continuous refinement of the training database.

Are you curious and would like to experience aiMan in action? We would be happy to provide you with further information and a demo of aiMan. Contact us – we look forward to working with you! The future of Enterprise Content Management is here, and its name is aiMan!

Download: Datasheet fme aiMan

Have we aroused your interest? Then please feel free to write to us.

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