AWS: Alexa, please open OpenText Documentum! (Showcase)


Alexa, please open OpenText Documentum.« With simple oral commands like these, users of OpenText Documentum can now have the digital voice assistant Amazon Alexa open their documents and have her read them aloud. This is possible thanks to a showcase, which the digitalisation experts at fme used to connect a newly written Alexa skill through serverless services such as AWS Lambda and an interface with OpenText Documentum.

The versatility of AWS & Amazon Alexa has enabled fme to develop a service that can be easily adapted to the specific tasks and expectations of user companies. The developers intentionally only used basic functions so that they could design the usage to be as simple as possible. In this way, users can control OpenText Documentum by voice command, navigate through it, display content, or have content read to them. »Alexa could just as easily explain simple tasks in OpenText Documentum to users. We have already thought about an interactive tutorial as well, in which Alexa could walk users through the complex ECB platform,« says Oponczewski. This would not only simplify the onboarding of new employees, but make it cheaper too.


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»Our customers work with sensitive data that are part of complex processes. To ensure this all works smoothly, we need technology that meets the highest standards with regard to flexibility, security, and availability of infrastructure and applications. Developing new offerings based on innovative services is the main focus, but traditional implementation and operating services can benefit from this as well.«
Markus Oponczewski, Director Business Unit and responsible for cloud solutions at fme

Case Study |AWS: Alexa, please open OpenText Documentum! (Showcase)


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