JITpay – Migrarea unui DevOps Toolchain de la sisteme locale la AWS.


As a FinTech and logistics start-up, JITpay GmbH, based in Braunschweig, creates the possibility of digitizing accounting processes in logistics and takes on the accounting of all logistics costs for shippers, forwarders and transport companies. JITpay relies on the latest technologies and cooperates with both strong traditional partners and innovative technology providers.

Requirements for today’s software applications and systems are subject to rapid changes and it is necessary to publish these changes at any time and as automatically as possible through to the productive system. With JITpay, there are still very high requirements for security and high availability with simultaneous high cost awareness. A sustainable solution had to be created for this. JITpay opted for products that meet modern DevOps industry standards, for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud provider and fme as a consulting and implementation partner.


JITpay™ GmbH


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»As an AWS Consulting Partner, fme AG played a major role in helping us migrate our DevOps toolchain from our internal systems to the AWS Cloud while optimizing security and availability and significantly reducing operating costs.«

Boris-Michael Steinke

CTO, JITpay GmbH

Case Study | JITpay – Migrarea unui DevOps Toolchain de la sisteme locale la AWS.


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