Qlik Sense Licenses

License Types and their Features

Licenses for Qlik Sense are available for on-premises (client-managed) and in cloud version (SaaS ). Qlik is licensed on a per-user license. Following we briefly highlight the most essential user types.

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Overview of User Types

Qlik Sense Licenses

Qlik Sense – Analyzer User

This license type can be well described as a consumer license.

The Analyzer User license allows the user to access and use already published applications. Furthermore, visualization data can be exported to Excel, bookmarks can be set and also shared with colleagues.

Qlik Sense Professional User 

This license type allows full access to all Qlik Sense features of your choosen hosting variant and is especially for developers or Power User.

You will require this license to upload data or even modify them. Professional Users can create and edit applications and share reports with colleagues. All functions of the Analyzer User are available to the Professional User as well, of course.

Qlik Sense Analyzer Capacity 

The Analyzer Capacity is a monthly time budget for accessing the analyses.

The Analyzer Capacity has the full functionality of the Analyzer User license and is best for users who only access analytics on an irregular period of time. This license type is often the more economical option if many users require insight into the data, but only use it from time to time.


Is there a minimum order amount for licenses?

No. There is no minimum order amount.

What is the licensing plan for Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense licenses are available as subscription model. With your initial order, the subscription starts for a standard period of usually 3 years.

Does the order of additional licenses extend my subscription?

No. Additional license orders are adjusted to your existing subscription. You pay only for the period between the deployment date and the end of your subscription.

Are there differences between the client-managed and SaaS versions?

Yes. The licenses differ in the scope of functions. There are functions that are included for free in the SaaS version, but are available for client-managed version as a paid add-on.

Is there a free trial version available?

Yes. Please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a 30-day trial version directly and support you for free and without obligation in your first steps with Qlik Sense.

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