Application Decommissioning and Archiving

Reduce operating costs, risk and IT complexity with guaranteed compliance

Would you like to learn how you can benefit from reduced operational costs, risks and IT complexity while ensuring compliance through guaranteed access to historical data? Contact us to schedule a customized web session today.

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Risk reduction through archiving

Why you should archive your documents in a structured way instead of simply filing them in a folder after editing and then forgetting about them, or worse, deleting them? Watch our video to learn how an archiving system can help you comply with legal requirements, shut down outdated systems, and provide fast and secure access to your documents.

Benefit from our team with diverse archiving expertise

Our team of consultants and technical experts support you in developing a sophisticated archiving strategy, with regard on compliance to regulations, risk management, cost optimization, and creation of additional business value.


  • Free consultation with a technical deep dive into OpenText InfoArchive
  • Setting up of OpenText InfoArchive infrastructure; highly scalable with Docker container & cloud deployment
  • App development for OpenText InfoArchive
  • Setting up of migration-center as ETL tool
  • Creating SIPs from almost any source system
  • QA of migration process
  • Continuous archiving
  • Setting up & operating of a decommissioning factory
Dekommissionierung und Archivierung Team

Which information can safely be disposed and which needs to be kept?

This is quite a crucial question with potentially far-reaching consequences. However, often the answer is not obvious. Besides the daily needs of the business, legal regulations such as GDPR need to be considered. Once the decision to retain an information is made, further aspects must be taken into account.


  • How can you guarantee that information remains readable and comprehensive (interpretable), even when experts and the software originally used are no longer available?
  • How do you ensure information is not only stored, but you are able to find and deliver it within reasonable time and effort?
  • How do you gain the most benefits from you archiving solution?

A model for continuous improvement – A typical journey

When introducing InfoArchive we recommend a three step approach:


Application Decommissioning and Archiving

Further Information

We will happily show you how you can reduce your system complexity, lower costs for software licenses and storage and at the same time be compliant with rules and regulations. Contact us now!

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