Post Implementation Managed Services  for the Veeva Vault Platform


About this Datasheet

As clients are looking to move away from on-premises hosted application platforms and towards outsourced application management, challenges arise shifting from an on-demand upgrade process to a vendor-driven release schedule. Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors, such as Veeva Systems publish regular releases to their hosted applications and the clients must manage these updates on their end according to the vendor’s schedule. Although the application upgrade is managed by the SaaS vendor, there is still a significant number of activities within each upgrade that the business and technical teams must perform. Our team of consultants and technicians can help streamline this challenge.

fme is a certified Veeva Systems partner – supporting clients in the management of Veeva Vault Implementations and addressing post-implementation challenges.

Our specialists support all aspects of the upgrade process:

  • Release Impact Assessment
  • Maintenance Release Management
  • Application Management
  • Business/System Admin Services
  • Small Projects Implementation

Our Offering: Free review and assessment
Please reach out to us to start off your journey with a free review and assessment to identify which of our available levels for managed services packages best applies to your specific situation. Our consultant team will be happy to draft up a strategy that is tailored to your specific project situation and help you master your path through the releases of your Veeva Vault deployment.

We support all aspects of the upgrade process

Veeva Post Implementation Managed Services


  • Streamlined upgrade process by providing the information and tools needed to establish a regular cadence to address the complexity and frequency of the changes
  • Reduced risk during Veeva Systems vendor releases by focusing on a thorough impact analysis and providing a concise assessment of the business and technical impacts
  •  Improved alignment between business and the vendor application roadmap, enabling better preparation and anticipation of pending changes
  • Satisfied user base with consistent end-user support provided


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