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The powerful tools from OpenText Documentum cover the entire lifecycle of a document. These aspects include: Creation, storage, research, editing, process control, publishing, long-term archiving, and finally, verified deletion. This solution can be combined with OpenText InfoArchive for archiving.

fme AG has been a Documentum partner since 1998 and has gained experience working on hundreds of projects since.

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Plan: Consulting for OpenText Documentum

A solid design ensures the success of your project! Our consultants work with you to analyze your processes with regard to all key aspects of an ECM project. We consider your requirements, document the results in a concept prepared for you, and then “translate” your demands into recommended solutions, including all of the necessary technical details.
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Benefit from the experience and expert knowledge of our consultants

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Build: Development for OpenText Documentum

Custom software development according to your needs – once we have established the concept for the ECM solution, our experienced team develops a professional solution to meet your demands. We adapt existing systems or develop new solutions for you. In addition, we make sure that your existing systems are successfully integrated or that your documents are transferred to the new system by the specified deadline.

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Run: Operation and Maintenance

Satisfied users and low operating costs – once your solution has been designed, developed, and tested, we help you install your system and bring our communication services expertise to bear in the rollout process. The team at our nearshore location in Romania is happy to assist in you in the areas of maintenance and support, ensuring the long-term success of your systems.

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